Neverdawn innovates metal by going back to its roots to extract the fire and soul of the golden age of metal to forge fresh and powerful sound from a modern perspective. Built on ambition and a passion for reviving the spirit of rock and metal, this four-man wrecking crew provides an explosive and electrifying performance that smashes down the door for the next generation of headbangers.

Neverdawn was established in April of 2016 by guitarist, RJ Gilliland and guitarist/vocalist, Tristan Woodruff. They founded the band on ambition and their powerful vision for their passion in music. Soon after the foundation of the band, the two began writing songs for their first full length album called, Just Business. The theme is set by the excitement of a new beginning, youthful rage in dark times, and tenacious ambition of its writers. With the release of Just Business, the band set out to make their mark in the music world, playing their first shows with Julian Chandler on bass and former drummer Ethan Ritenour. Soon after, they released their first music video for the single, Cut & Run. The band quickly began work on the next record, tentatively called, Against The World.

The Neverdawn team is excited to take the next step of our journey with you! We are continuing to perform live while working on our next studio album and preparing new material, merchandise, and adding to our live performance and we cannot wait to show you all what we've been working on. Be apart of the journey by joining us in the Neverdawn Community because you are as much apart of the band as we are. We hope you enjoy and thank you for all of your love and support! WE are Neverdawn! cheers!

RJ Gilliland

Lead Guitar

I began playing guitar at a young age but never received formal instruction, I simply fiddled on one-string melodies that I haphazardly constructed. Shortly after, I put the guitar down to pursue my career in football. In my senior year of high school, I found myself on the wrong end of politics and never saw playing time on the Friday night field. I decided it was time to end my football career and take up the guitar for real. Inspired by my heroes in Metallica, I began teaching myself how to play and decided to start a band with a dream and a vision. Shortly after I began playing I met up with Tristan and we had the same music influences, goals, and interests in mind and the rest is history. 

Favorite Bands 

  • Metallica
  • Orden Ogan 
  • Seether 
  • Borealis 
  • Iron Maiden 
  • Godsmack


  • Sports/training
  •  Photography/videography/graphic design
  • Video Games
  •  The Beach


    Tristan Woodruff

    Rhythm Guitar/Vocals

    My earliest memories of music were listening to “Flight of Icarus” by Iron Maiden and “Templars of Steel” by Hammerfall, so it's safe to say I got started down this path pretty early. Surprisingly enough, my first instrument was trombone, and I played in my middle school band, and boy did I hate it. When I quit after only a year in the band, my dad eventually got a drum kit in the house, and I fell in love. After playing a few years, I decided to set out to start a band, and that's when I met Julian and Griffin Chandler. We had a band called Immortal Coil for about 4 years before differences divided us. Around the same time Immortal Coil was splitting up, RJ had approached me to start a new band, in which I would drum in. I accepted the offer, but ended up convincing him to let me play guitar, and eventually singing as well. And, well, you know the rest. 

    Favorite bands: 

    • Iron Maiden 
    • Orden Ogan 
    • Metallica 
    • Megadeth 
    • Freak Kitchen 
    • Mustasch 
    • Voyager 
    • Brainstorm


    • Video Games
    • History
    • Comedies
    • Traveling

    Troy Fox

    Bass Guitar

     I began playing bass guitar at the age of 13, after seeing Paul McCartney live at Nationwide. I tried many other instruments, but after a plenty of trial and error, I found that bass was my favorite instrument. After learning some of the essential bass songs, (Another One Bites The Dust, Longview, Feel Good Inc. etc) I felt I needed to go beyond basics. Slowly I became intrigued with blues. After a year of blues training and playing concerts I found a new home in the world of orchestra and jazz by joining the band program at my high school. As I learned more about music theory, I found my style and place in the rock/metal scene. After a few sessions with the band Black Coffee, I was told of an opening in Neverdawn. I contacted Tristan with their album in mind and the cover songs ready to go. The rest is yet to be written.

    Favorite bands:

    • Primus
    • Mastodon
    • Gojira
    • Rush
    • Royal Blood
    • Kiss
    • Led Zeppelin
    • Rage Against the Machine
    • Black Sabbath
    • Mr. Bones and the Boneyard Circus
    • Iron Maiden


    • Video Games (Especially Smash Bros.)
    • Billiards
    • Party

    CJ Yacoub



    I've been drumming for several years now and it's become a lifelong passion for me. Ever since I first heard songs like Prowler or Run To The Hills by Iron Maiden, I was hooked. I first got obsessed with metal when I was around 5 or 6 with bands like Maiden, Metallica, and Dream Theater. These were the bands that first inspired me to pursue drumming and music in general. I've always been a fan or the classic heavy metal and power metal bands, but in recent years, my curiosity lead me to the world of extreme metal. I started looking to more advanced music to get better at drums, and that lead me to bands like Gojira, Opeth, and Emperor, to push my drumming to the limit. I've now developed a love for basically all subgenres of metal music, anything from Death and Black metal, and back to my roots in the classics. I met the guys in late 2018 through a drummer ad, hit them up about the position, and here I am now. Even though I play plenty of faster and more progressive music, I allow that to influence my drumming in as many new ways as possible, to give the music I grew up on my own sound. 

    Favorite Bands: 

    • Iron Maiden 
    • Panopticon 
    • Avenged Sevenfold 
    • Agalloch 
    • Coheed And Cambria 
    • Gojira 
    • Dream Theater 
    • Wolves In The Throne Room 
    • Opeth 
    • Bell Witch 


    • Composing Classical Music 
    • Video Games 
    • The Beach/Ocean 
    • Vinyl/CD Collecting